Thursday, 3 November 2011

When Should You Backup Your Data?

When Should You Backup Your Data?

I would suggest backing up your data files daily, this way, you'll get into a routine!  If you don’t work on Sage every day, then you should backup your data whenever you have entered new data into your software.

Once a day, might not be enough for some companies though, especially those companies who have several networked transactions, or if you’ve entered a vast amount of data. 

It is also important to take a separate backup, at least weekly, and keep these files off-site – if you do have a fire or a break-in, at least you know that you’ll only have 1 weeks worth of work to catch up on!

Another time that it’s really important to back up, is when you are about to do something that is irreversible, such as Month End or Year End, clearing your audit trail or doing any of the monthly reconciliations.  If you are processing your year end, I recommend that you take three backups, keeping one of these backups off-site.

Why should I back up my data?

It is important to back up your data regularly so that you always have a recent copy of your accounts data.

Backing up helps to prevent data loss in the event of computer or network failure and data corruption.

It also allows you to send a copy of your data files to your accountant or to Sage should this be necessary, for example if your accountant wants to view your accounts at year end. 

It's better to be safe than sorry!

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